Benefits Concierge Group is a Field Marketing Organization (FMO) with presence in 6 states: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, and Texas. Benefits Concierge Group is also licensed in 25 states and appointed by the major insurance carriers in the country, including local and regional carriers, to offer their products.  

Benefits Concierge Group is “In the heart of the Community” with over 60 years of accumulated experience in the Health and Life insurance industry.   

Benefits Concierge Group knows the insurance industry, but, most importantly to the Benefits Concierge Group mission, we know and understand our market and deliver that knowledge to the independent brokers/agents that choose Benefits Concierge Group as their strategic partner. Benefits Concierge Group will help you grow as an insurance broker/agent by offering you the support and structure to run a successful enterprise.  

Benefits Concierge Group Independent Brokers/Agents will have access to the following key benefits: 

Benefits Concierge Group Incubation Program: Agent to Agency

Our Executive Team has more than 60 years of experience working in urban and rural markets and developing marketing plans that are tailored to market needs. If you are an independent Broker/Agent or looking to becoming one, Benefits Concierge Group is with you every step of the way to design a plan that leverages your skills-set and incorporates Benefits Concierge Group’s expertise and relationships to deliver a full range of options for benefits and services to an ever-growing population. Benefits Concierge Group not only answers the WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY, but also the HOW. With Benefits Concierge Group’s relationships in the local market, we can help you create the ideal insurance marketing plan that will surely deliver you the profit and success you are looking for to grow your enterprise.

Assistance with Filing Federal and/or State Documents

These services include explaining and guiding the newly formed agency through the documentation and process with the state tax authorities and departments of state.

Market Development and Segmentation

A successful Broker/Agent must know and understand their market. This requires studying the market and conducting a market analysis in order to develop your target and action plan. Benefits Concierge Group will help you develop your market plan, providing you with the industry’s best practices so you can execute your plan in the territories you want to explore.

Contracting with Carriers and On-Boarding Process

Benefits Concierge Group will support you 100% as you select from the multiple carriers Benefits Concierge Group is affiliated with for products in the Health and Life insurance markets. Benefits Concierge Group is also affiliated with products such as Final Expense plans as well as Commercial and Small Group programs.

Back Office Support

As a Broker/Agent, you will receive the support you need to succeed. This includes, but is not limited to, administrative support in request processing, fulfillment, training, event coordination, and marketing support for you and / or your downlines.

Marketing Support

Benefit from Benefits Concierge Group’s comprehensive package of personalized selling tools to give you visibility and a competitive edge. Benefits Concierge Group offers access to marketing materials (print and digital), storefront and recreational vehicle (RV) acquisition, exposure through social media and local community events, to ensure you grow your customer base and your visibility within the communities you serve.

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