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About Us

Benefits Concierge Group

Is a Field Marketing Organization (FMO), whose central focus is the Life and Health insurance market.

We are a community focused organization, charged with connecting insurers, members and authorized agents, with the appropriate beneficiaries and community partners, following a clear and honest process in which we highlight values such as dignity and respect.

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Frank Perdomo
Principal and Founder

When it comes to engaging the Broker/Agent community, we understand that entering the insurance market is complex and it can change from one moment to the next.

Benefits Concierge Group contributes to the success of our partners because we lift many of the complexities of the business so you can focus on selling. We pride ourselves on being a class act company that ensures that our Brokers/Agents get access to our industry partners and Benefits Concierge Group resources.

Benefits Concierge Group offers training, development, marketing and technological support consistent with an FMO. But Benefits Concierge Group goes beyond that. Our business model is centered on providing concierge services to our partners to ensure a seamless and positive experience. With Benefits Concierge Group, Brokers/Agents will have the full support they need to succeed in the industry with world class, personalized attention unmatched in the industry.

About Us

Our Values

We take the humanitarian approach and genuinely provide our customers and partners with the concierge service they deserve. We foster an environment of trust, transparency and honesty!


To simplify the complexity of the industries in order to best serve our communities on a local level.


To bridge communication between beneficiaries, carriers and providers in order to provide a VIP experience.

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