5 things you need to know to apply for Essential Plan in New York

In the United States, having health insurance is important to be able to cover any medical emergency that may arise at some point in life. However, the reality is that many of these insurances can be very expensive, so for some people they may seem unaffordable. In these cases, policies such as the Essential Plan in New York can be an excellent alternative to take care of your health without spending so much money.

Are you interested in learning more about the Essential Plan and its benefits? In this article, we share everything you need to know about this important health insurance, as well as the details you should know before applying for enrollment. 

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What is the Essential Plan in New York?

The Essential Plan is a low-cost health insurance program offered by the State of New York for individuals and families who do not qualify for Medicaid and do not have access to health insurance coverage through work. The plan offers comprehensive coverage, including doctor visits, hospitalization, lab tests, and prescription drugs, and benefits are administered by private insurance companies contracted by the state.

The premium cost for the Essential Plan is very low compared to other health insurance, and cost-sharing, such as premiums and deductibles, is also significantly lower than other plans. 

In addition, New York State offers a great deal of financial assistance to help individuals and families pay premiums. Essential Plan beneficiaries may also have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of healthcare providers and hospitals in New York.

What benefits does the Essential Plan offer the user?

There are many benefits that you can enjoy as a beneficiary of the Essential Plan of New York, with which you can take care of your health at a very low cost, without having to apply for insurance that can affect your finances.

Some of the main benefits of the Essential Plan in New York are the following:

  • Medical care: Includes doctor visits, consultations with specialists, laboratory tests, and diagnostic exams.
  • Hospitalization: Covers costs related to hospitalization, including medical care and surgery.
  • Prescription drugs: Covers the costs of prescription drugs.
  • Preventive care: Includes immunization services, disease screening, and regular checkups.
  • Financial Assistance: Provides financial assistance to help beneficiaries pay premiums and other insurance-related costs.
  • Provider Network: Allows beneficiaries to choose from a number of healthcare providers and hospitals within a network of state-contracted providers.
  • Maternity and Newborn Care: Covers costs related to pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn care.
  • Rehabilitation: Covers rehabilitation costs for persons with disabilities or chronic illnesses.

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What you should know about the Essential Plan in New York

Before thinking about applying for this type of health insurance, there are certain facts that are important to know, in order to avoid surprises that may represent an obstacle when looking for a good policy according to your needs.

Here are 5 things you should know about the Essential Plan in New York:

The Essential Plan is for New York residents only: To be eligible for the Essential Plan, a person must be a New York resident and not qualify for Medicaid.

Income Requirements: The Essential Plan is designed for individuals and families with limited income, so there is a maximum income limit to qualify. It is important to make sure you meet the income requirements before applying.

You may be required to provide documentation: In order to apply for the Essential Plan, you may be required to provide documents to support the information provided on the application, such as proof of residency and proof of income.

You must choose your insurance company and provider network: The Essential Plan is administered by private insurance companies contracted by the state, so it is important to choose your insurance company and healthcare provider network carefully before applying.

There may be deadlines for applying: Be aware of the Essential Plan application deadlines, as they may vary depending on the time of year or enrollment status. It is also advisable to make sure you have all the necessary documents before starting the application.

Having each of these details in mind, you can now apply for the policy, in order to have the opportunity to become a beneficiary of this important health insurance created by the NY State of Health.

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