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Benefits Concierge Consulting Group

Is a field marketing organization (FMO), whose central focus is the life and health insurance market.

We are a community focused organization, charged with connecting insurers, members and authorized agents, with the appropriate beneficiaries and community partners, following a clear and honest process in which we highlight values such as dignity and respect.

Francisco Perdomo

Co-Founder and Principal

Are you looking for health insurance and don’t know which one suits you? We can help you find the option that best suits your needs, providing you with a wide catalog of options, not only public but also private, so that you can choose the right one.

If you are already 65 years old and apply for Medicare, with our services you will have the opportunity to learn about all the options available to you, receiving completely free personalized advice, so that you can choose the one that best suits your profile.

Not only do we offer advice on Medicare products, we can also guide you through the application process for life insurance products, funeral expenses and MarketPlace health plans such as Obama Care.

What is a benefits concierge?

The concierge is a person who gives you advice when choosing an ideal service for you, offering you a set of options with different characteristics and benefits, so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

When it comes to choosing the best insurance plan for you, be it life, health, or Medicare, the search and application processes can be much more complex than you might think. With a benefits concierge this will no longer be a problem.

A benefits concierge is a professional who will provide you with all the assistance you require when choosing an insurance that meets each of your needs, so that you can choose the correct one among the different options available in the market.

That is precisely what we are! We are a guide for people who need help when looking for a health plan that is right for them, based on a wide portfolio of products that we have to offer. Our focus is health insurance, life insurance, Medicare and policies for hospital expenses.


About Us

Our Values

We take the humanitarian approach and genuinely provide our customers and partners with the concierge service they deserve. We foster an environment of trust, transparency and honesty!

At Benefits Concierge Consulting Group we have more than 20 years of accumulated experience in the health insurance field, backed by the satisfaction and safety of the clients who have chosen us as their benefits concierge.

We focus on providing VIP treatment to those who can’t afford to hire a benefits concierge. Therefore, the consultations that we offer are completely free and without any type of commitment.

With us you can forget about feeling pressure to sign a contract without your consent. We will show you the insurance companies that can offer you the best benefits, but it is  you who chooses the insurance you prefer.

We provide a humane relationship, in which we put each of your needs as a priority, offering you the complete advice you need to choose the best option and understand the life insurance application processes, which can sometimes be complex, without charging you a single penny. Our best payment is your satisfaction and peace of mind when applying for health insurance.

We are proud to be the only ones to take on giving our clients the opportunity to access health insurance and also accompany them during the application process so that they can get it in the shortest time possible.

Our goal is always the comfort and well-being of our clients. For us it is extremely important to treat each of the people who trust in our services with the respect and honesty they deserve, providing a humane, close and completely transparent experience.

If you are looking for a suitable health insurance for you, or you are already 65 years old and you are looking to apply for Medicare, but you do not know which one, at Benefits Concierge Consulting Group we have contracts with private companies so that you are not limited to coverage of government insurance, which is often more expensive.

We can link you with private companies and offer better options that best suit you. Also, if you already have health insurance, but you are not convinced and want to find a better option, you can trust us to offer the guidance you need when finding the best health insurance.

When it comes to being a benefits concierge, at Benefits Concierge Consulting Group we take it beyond just offering you a medical plan by helping you fill out the application and provide you with all the documents you need to receive the right insurance for you.

We have a questionnaire that we fill out in order to build your profile as a client. Once we have your data, we will start a needs analysis with our portfolio of companies to find out what you really need to feel safe in terms of health.

We will begin to navigate between each of the options that we have in our portfolio, until we finally determine which of them you could apply to according to your needs, or even advise you on a better health plan than the one you currently have.

Do you know what is the best life insurance for you? Have you reached the age of 65 and do not know the Medicare options to which you can apply? Whatever questions you have about Medicare, Obama Care, health insurance, life insurance or funeral expenses, at Benefits Concierge Consulting Group we are here to help you.

Fill out our contact form by clicking here, so we can call you and get to know your case in detail. Together we can get the insurance that best suits your needs, so you can apply and get it in the shortest time possible.



To simplify the complexity of the industries in order to best serve our communities on a local level.


To bridge communication between beneficiaries, carriers and providers in order to provide a VIP experience.


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